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Self Managed Superannuation Funds

James Dalland is a CA SMSF Specialist. This is an accreditation issued by the Australian Institute of Chartered Accountants indicating expertise in the area of self-managed superannuation funds.

Self managed superannuation funds require more rigorous administrative processes and must be more diligent in reporting and record keeping. With the tax benefits that come with paying only 15% tax on income and 10% on capital gains and zero tax if in the pension phase comes a greater compliance burden. We provide a full administrative service that ensures that you as the trustee of the fund or director of the corporate trustee remain compliant with your responsibilities.

super1We will administer all records and maintain all correspondence in a dedicated file. We will prepare a compliant investment strategy for the fund that takes into account the needs, goals and investment experience of the members. We then attend to the end of year reporting, preparation of financial accounts and tax returns and will arrange for the independent audit as required by the Australian tax office. And again all for an agreed fixed fee.

As part of this service we will work with you to ensure you have appropriate investments within the fund including direct equities, etf’s, managed funds installment warrants etc. We have a relationships with brokers and research houses that will let us access independent expertise on the selection of equities.

By way of example we often use Macquarie Equities for shares advice and recommendations, RBS for installment warrants, the use of which enables superannuation funds to gear into shares and Zenith for managed funds.